Talent is luck. The important thing in life is courage ... I, of course, can't swim, so I'll never have to face it.
-- Woody Allen

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You would come home after a long night of Laserium and weed smoking with five 29 cent tacos from Taco Bell, turn on Channel 44 to watch the end of a “The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad” rerun, and this would come on during the last commercial break before the station went dead for the night. Paul was often literally the last thing we saw before we went to sleep.
Paul from the Diamond Center: The basketball years - The Big Event
But at some point, losing an election means losing an argument.
Cory Booker wins by 11 points, conservatives explain why this is great for them.
Barack Obama was never likely to be popular with the Republican base. It’s not just that he’s black. He’s first president in 76 years with a foreign parent—and unlike Hulda Hoover, Barack Obama Sr. never even naturalized. While Obama is not the first president to hold two degrees from elite universities—Bill Clinton and George W. Bush did as well—his Ivy predecessors at least disguised their education with a down-home style of speech. Join this cultural inheritance to liberal politics, and of course you have a formula for conflict. But effective parties make conflict work for them. Hate leads to rage, and rage makes you stupid. Republicans have convinced themselves both that President Obama is a revolutionary radical hell-bent upon destroying America as we know it and that he’s so feckless and weak-willed that he’ll always yield to pressure. It’s that contradictory, angry assessment that has brought the GOP to a place where it must either abjectly surrender or force a national default. Calmer analysis would have achieved better results.
Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Political Parties - The Daily Beast
Far more ambitious portions of the vision include a line down Geary out to Ocean Beach and a spur down 19th Avenue that would connect to Daily City Bart.

Ambitious Expansion Plans Mulled for BART’s Future - Potential Coming Attractions - Curbed SF

This. Must. Be. Built.

The truth is that a lot of this debate isn’t actually about rent, gentrification or economics, or anything rooted in a real class struggle. Some of it is just hipster-on-hipster hatred. Middle-class humanities majors grumbling about middle-class computer science majors.
In defense of San Francisco’s techies - SFGate
This is a strategic problem for Republicans for several reasons. One is that the party’s reliance on a resentment-based appeal has caused its policy apparatus to atrophy. Erickson is not alone among conservatives in thinking that “academic and technocratic” approaches are best left to pointy-headed liberals. Another is that people like Erickson are a declining share of the electorate.
Erick Erickson Shows The Worst in GOP - Business Insider
To have that culture that embraces failure, that will take a chance in order to get better, but know that there’s a chance where it blows up, that’s what I like and respect about the organization and the culture that we have right now.
Bay Area Sports Guy – Jed York: ‘We weren’t sure how Colin was going to play’
There are several things to say about the Oregon study, but I think the most important one is this: not that the study didn’t find statistically significant improvements in various measures of health, but that the study couldn’t have found statistically significant improvements. It was impossible from the beginning.
What We Know—And What We Don’t—About the Oregon Medicaid Study | Mother Jones
It’s rare for Texas to require insurance for any kind of hazardous activity,” he said. “We have very little oversight of hazardous activities and even less regulation.

The Texas Fertilizer Plant That Exploded Had Barely Any Liability Insurance

Apparently not quite everything is bigger in Texas. 

Conservatives rejected Bushism without demonstrating any understanding of why it was adopted in the first place, or why it was rejected. That’s George W. Bush’s political legacy: a weakened Republican Party unable to face its flaws.
George Bush’s True Legacy? A Republican Party in Denial - Bloomberg
For us, staying indoors on Friday was no different from staying in during a winter storm so that the snowplows could clear the streets. We were giving the professionals room to work.
Marathon Day | Desperation Device
That’s it, extend him. The next thing you know, 2019’s here, and another team will be pawing at Bumgarner. Extend him. You can’t be too careful. Because what was that we just watched? One of the best starts we’ll see from anyone all year, and there are still 160 games left. Goodness.
Madison Bumgarner: empirically better than assorted Dodgers players - McCovey Chronicles
But mostly they’ll get 100% out of what they have while the more talented and monied Dodgers seem intent on getting 50%. I think they’ll have to keep the pedal down all season to beat L.A. and it might still be close around September 1, which is when the Dodgers will fold for good and finish 4-to-8 games out.
2013 Previews/NL West: How To Lose A Pennant « Baseball Nerd
No economic model can prove that government interference in the economy by nature tends to do harm. While economics can show that some government programs will fail—rent control, say, or confiscatory tax rates—it cannot show that all government programs will fail. As for the various moral arguments for libertarianism, they are even weaker. Liberal theorists such as Ronald Dworkin and Amartya Sen have long since shown that libertarians simply fail to grasp the full dimensions of equal liberty, which does not demand, as libertarians would have it, that everyone should be equally free to starve, but that everyone should have a fair chance to pursue his goals freely. This principle may require a more active government than libertarians would allow.
Defining Conservatism Down | The American Conservative
This is one of the harsh truths you learn when you get married: Basic shit like a table costs a fucking fortune. Two grand for a wooden table. And it’s not like the surface of it is a giant iPad screen either. It just sits there and does nothing. This isn’t even a big table, and it certainly isn’t the most expensive table of its kind. The chairs that go along with this table are $395 each. JEEEEEEESUS. If it were up to me, my family would eat dinner off a milk crate.
The Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog